Whats on the Inside?

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized


When i see this picture there are so many different things that come to mind.   My initial reaction to this picture is about what is going on on the inside.  In my blogs case, it would be about what the inside of a car does and looks like.  Its the things the naked eye cant see.  It’s what makes the car run, heat up, turn, etc.  So what does go on underneath the hood of a car?

Now i love cars but i have no clue what really goes on inside my car.  I did further investigation at http://publications.usa.gov.  They have this great picture that actually tells you what everything is and how to maintain it, they also give you tips to keep your car running great!



Now they made it very easy for everyone to read, each guy has a number on him.

Number 1: This would be your antifreeze/coolant, you want to fill this with 50% water, and 50% coolant

Number 2: This is your belts and hoses.  Make sure to replace frayed or worn out belts.

Number 3: This is where your transmission fluid goes!  With engine warm and running, and  brake on. Shift to drive, then to
park. Remove dipstick, wipe dry, insert it and remove it again. Add the fluid!

Number 4: This is where your oil goes.  You want to pull out the little stick and wipe it clean.  Then insert it back in and take it back out.  If the oil is low it needs to be refilled.  For maximum performance refille every 3 months, or 3,000 miles.

Number 5: The air filter!  It is just in a rectangular box and if it is very dirty then it needs to be replaced.

Number 6: This is where your brake fluid goes.  First, wipe the lid, then remove it, add fluid if low.  DO NOT OVERFLOW.

Number 7: This is where your washer fluid goes, fill it up all the way to the top to make sure you have plenty!

Number 8: This is the batter.  You want to be very careful handling the battery because it can produce explosive gases.  Do not smoke, create a spark or light a match near a battery and always wear protective glasses and gloves.  You want to have it checked everytime you have an oil change.  Cables should all be attatched securely.

Number 9: The power steering fluid.  Simply remove the stick and if it is low add fluid.


I hope this helps everyone learn just a little bit more about their car and what happens under the hood and how to maintenance it!




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