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Biography Subject

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The subject I’m writing about for my biography paper is Mark Allen.  The reason that I decided to write about him is because he is someone who I have looked up to for my entire life.  Mark is my father and has accomplished so many different things.  From running a successful monument business, to starting a family.  I believe that he is someone somebody would want to read about because everyone could get some success motivation from it.  Mark has been working from the age of four, obviously not hard work but he has made it 60 years at the same job.  It takes true determination and patience to run a business by yourself and that is why I look up to him and hope to follow in his footsteps.



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Everyone has a perspective on cars.  You could almost say that it’s a stereotype thinking that all vans are “soccer mom” vans, or that everyone who drives a truck is “country.”  It’s all about the way that you view it.  We have all grown up hearing these things and seeing stereotypical things on commercials. 

Some people say that pick-up trucks are country, but when you think about it there are so many different types of people that drive trucks.  There are country people out there that drive trucks but you also don’t think about the business men that drive them, or the fact that some women drive them.  Trucks are a symbolism of strength, and some people want to feel powerful. 

You might think that men that drive Camaro’s or mustangs are douche bags.  But there are guys that drive them that are the exact opposite.  Same goes for girls that drive “bugs,” you probably think that all these girls are girly girls. 

Everyone needs to take a step back and get a better perspective of things and stop judging books by their covers.


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Classics and cars go hand in hand.  There are so many different types of classic cars.  What defines a classic car?  It could be their design, their looks, performance, or maybe someone famous had once owned it.  Limited edition cars could also be considered a classic car because there are only so many of them made. 

First I will start with antique cars.  To be antique the car must be at least 25 years old.  Antique cars can be put into three different categories.  There are saloons or sedans, commercial vehicles, or sports cars.  An antique car must be a functioning vehicle to sell it.

 A Saloon is a car that seats around 4 or 5 people with 2 or more doors, including air bags. An example would be a 1930’s jet black American sedan.  Many sports cars were made in the 1950’s and 1960’s and can be defined as a small car usually made for performance, looks, and maneuverability.    Some examples of these would be the Wilseley Hornet or a Bentley.

                 Last would be a commercial vehicle.  These can be defined as a vehicle used for carrying goods, or paying passengers.  These would be a taxi cab, a coach, or even a bus.  In the 1950’s small vans made by Ford were very popular

                I hope everyone learned a little more about classic cars!


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Privacy is something everyone should be entitled to.  And when it comes to cars and privacy some people are luckier than others.  Just recently here in Maryville, over fifty cars were broken into.  This is such an invasion of privacy.  I have one friend in particular whose car was broken into.  Someone had bashed the passenger’s side window out with a baseball bat and got into the car and took a duffle bag that was sitting in her back seat.  In the bag was her wallet with all over her necessities in it including her ID, debit card, and cash.  She also had clothes, keys, and other small valuables in it.  It was estimated over $400 worth of stuff was stolen.  Getting your car broken into is something no one deserves and I hope whoever is getting away with this stuff will eventually get caught and receive consequences.  I have never had my car broken into but I do know that if someone did that to me I would be irate.  All in all everyone is entitled to privacy and no one should be able to take that away from someone.


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Google defines injustice as lack of fairness.  When I connect cars and injustice I think of the un-fairness that some people have with their cars.  I have many friends with cars that constantly have problems.  One friend in particular Haley has had many issues with her car in the past year.  First it started with a simple fender bender which ended up costing her over six hundred dollars.  That’s money that not every college student has to spare.   Just recently in the past week she has been having more problems with her car, it has been making some weird noises and is now leaking oil.  This to me is unfair because there are people out there that have no problems with their car and don’t spend a dime on damages.  She just feels like her car is at the shop to get fixed every other weekend!

I have another friend Maddie whose car got broken into just this last year.  Someone had busted her driver’s side window out and stolen everything in her car; they took her clothes, her purse, and anything of value.  She was also a waitress and her tip book, holding over two hundred dollars was also stolen.  This is just so unfair that the nicest people have the worst things happen to them.

Budweiser Commercial

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Budweiser commercial

In case you missed this commercial during the super bowl, it was about a man that raised a Budweiser horse and made a companion relationship with the horse.  He sells the horse to Budweiser and ten years later he sees that the horse is going to be in a parade so he decides to go.  When he goes he watches the parade and as he is going to get back into his vehicle the horse runs up to him and is so excited to see him.  It was by far one of the greatest commercials during the super bowl this year!

Now I have heard of some crazy stories about people having a deep connection with their cars.  I have heard of people selling their cars and researching trying to locate and purchase the car years and years later. I remember my grandpa saying that he had a friend that drove some hot rod car in high school and was really upset when he had to sell it.  He told me that his friend spent years and years trying to find this car and re-buy it after coming up with enough money to maintain it.  That truly shows determination. This is something that would be extremely difficult to do and you would really have to have a deep connection to the car to go that far to find it. 

Taco Bell Commercial

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Taco Bell commercial

            The Taco bell commercial shows a group of elderly people acting like teenagers, driving around, dancing, and ding-dong-ditching and ending up at Taco Bell.  This is something everyone can relate to in their life. 

                                    I remember when I was 16 years old and I just got my driver’s license and all I wanted to do was go drive around town and be stupid.  This is something I think every 16 year old can relate to. I will admit me and my friends did some things that we probably shouldn’t have been doing but those are the times that you will truly remember when you are older. 

            I’m the type of person that likes to live for today because you never know what could happen tomorrow.  I think that everyone should have fun and live your life because in the blink of an eye we are all going to be old and have nothing but memories.  That’s why this commercial is so good.  I also love the fact that they have young hearts because that’s somewhat what I would like to be like when I get to that age.  

            So the quote of the day will be “It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.”  -Victor Hugo.