Budweiser Commercial

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Budweiser commercial

In case you missed this commercial during the super bowl, it was about a man that raised a Budweiser horse and made a companion relationship with the horse.  He sells the horse to Budweiser and ten years later he sees that the horse is going to be in a parade so he decides to go.  When he goes he watches the parade and as he is going to get back into his vehicle the horse runs up to him and is so excited to see him.  It was by far one of the greatest commercials during the super bowl this year!

Now I have heard of some crazy stories about people having a deep connection with their cars.  I have heard of people selling their cars and researching trying to locate and purchase the car years and years later. I remember my grandpa saying that he had a friend that drove some hot rod car in high school and was really upset when he had to sell it.  He told me that his friend spent years and years trying to find this car and re-buy it after coming up with enough money to maintain it.  That truly shows determination. This is something that would be extremely difficult to do and you would really have to have a deep connection to the car to go that far to find it. 


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