Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized


Google defines injustice as lack of fairness.  When I connect cars and injustice I think of the un-fairness that some people have with their cars.  I have many friends with cars that constantly have problems.  One friend in particular Haley has had many issues with her car in the past year.  First it started with a simple fender bender which ended up costing her over six hundred dollars.  That’s money that not every college student has to spare.   Just recently in the past week she has been having more problems with her car, it has been making some weird noises and is now leaking oil.  This to me is unfair because there are people out there that have no problems with their car and don’t spend a dime on damages.  She just feels like her car is at the shop to get fixed every other weekend!

I have another friend Maddie whose car got broken into just this last year.  Someone had busted her driver’s side window out and stolen everything in her car; they took her clothes, her purse, and anything of value.  She was also a waitress and her tip book, holding over two hundred dollars was also stolen.  This is just so unfair that the nicest people have the worst things happen to them.


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