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Almost everything in this world has to do with genetics.  We as humans as talked about in the article have genetics and some are better off on the inside and some of us are better off on the outside.  Same thing goes for cars.  Some cars and made better, look better, and have better performance than others.  Humans are finding cures and working out kinks caused by genetics every day.  Cars also have had tremendous changes throughout the years also.  Engines have gotten more complex, car designs have gotten more appealing to the eye and cars can go up to incredible speeds unlike the first cars ever designed.  Not only that but we have cars that can get up to 50 miles to the gallon which is amazing!  Cars have also gotten so much safer to drive.  Now days we have systems in the cars genetics that will tell us when we are getting close to a car, or if driving conditions are bad.  Not only that but there are more airbags, more padding, and better seatbelts.  But it’s not just the inside that’s gotten better; if you look at makes of cars throughout times you can see how they only get more and more appealing to the eye.  They look cleaner and leaner.  The paint and tires look better.   And many cars today have sunroofs which are something that the first cars never had. 

  1. haleydamgar says:

    You seem to know a lot of knowledge about cars. Have you ever thought about going into a career with working on cars? or do you ever work on car on your free time?

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