Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized


This topic in relations to cars is very sad.  When I think of endings and cars I think of how many fatal deaths there are related to car accidents.  This kind of makes me think twice about driving with road rage because many accidents that happen on the road are from people that have road rage.  According to Wikipedia.org there was on 26 deaths in 1899 due to motor vehicles, and in 2012 that number dramatically increased to 34,767, that’s a huge change.  From 1979 to 2005, the number of deaths per year decreased 14.97%.  This is crazy to me because I drive recklessly sometimes and it kind of makes me step back and think.  According to http://www.dosomething.org, texting while driving makes you 4 times more likely to cause a crash. And About 54% of teenage motor vehicle crash deaths occur on Friday, Saturday or Sunday – with Saturday being the deadliest day of the week for teens.  This makes me really scared because I drive a lot on Saturdays, and I also text and drive or surf the internet on my phone almost every time I get into a car.  If everyone would wear their seatbelt, cut back on texting and driving, and drive a little safer I think we could make these numbers dramatically decrease.


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