Prized Possessions

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Prized Possessions

We all have things that are our prized possessions, some people would say their kids are their prized possessions and others would say material items are theirs.  I would say my car would be mine.  I would also say that everyone’s first car would probably be one of their prized possessions.  We all turned 16 and drove around in them doing stupid things and just having fun.  I know I had so much fun in my car, even though I didn’t damage it at all like some people did, but I did pack it full and drive around until the morning hours, speeding and doing other hood rat things.  I would also say my car is my prized possession because it’s the only thing that I have really worked hard for to get.  I would always mow every summer and put aside money to get a car by the time I was 16.  So those are a few reasons my car is my prized possession


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