Posted: April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized


My next few blogs won’t necessarily be about cars.  Today’s blog is about breaks.  There’s many different kind of breaks you can take.  You could take a break from school; you could take a break from your boyfriend/girlfriend, or just take a break from life.  I think taking breaks in life is super important because sometimes you just get so stressed out that you need to take a breather to get back to normal.  For instance, before spring break I was working 30 plus hours, and being a full time student at Northwest.  I had so much homework to do, tests to take and on top go to work and waste my time there.  And I couldn’t wait until spring break to take a break from it all for an entire week.  I went to Florida with my friends and let loose and had fun.  It’s important that we all take breaks because if not you might get too stressed out and hit rock bottom and that really sucks.


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