Posted: April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized


As in my last blog I think taking a break/relaxation is extremely important. I honestly cannot go one minute without thinking about relaxation, if I’m not in bed or lying on the couch watching TV. I’m constantly thinking about how tired I am!  I would consider myself to be a pretty lazy person, I like to sleep and relax and anytime I get stressed out I always talk about how I need to go get a massage and get back to normal.  I have a couple of friends that need to relax more often, they stress themselves out to the max and the consequences come at them.  If you don’t relax you can have mental and physical issues.  I am pretty good and telling my friends to relax and take a breath and stop stressing (I’m a pretty stress free person).  I also thinks it’s important to relax because if you don’t your grades could drop, you could do worse at work, and you could be a groggy mean person.  So everyone take a few minutes a day to take a few breaths and relax!


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