Meeting New People

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Meeting new people

I love meeting new people, whether it’s at a party or at work or someplace random I love meeting someone new.  I also think it’s important to meet new people because that’s how you gain confidence and become a better person.  When I was younger I was a super nervous and shy kid and my parents never forced me to be very social.  And I wish they would have because I think it would have made me a much more confident person today.  I still consider myself pretty confident but you can never have too much confidence.  Meeting new people is really cool because you meet people and sometimes they actually can become some of your close friends.  That’s another reason I like going out on the weekends; you go out and meet new people at the bars or at parties and its cool to get to know other people.  All in all I think meeting new people is extremely important in life.


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