Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


Whether they are famous for how fast they go, what movie they were in, or just how weird they were, here are a few of the most famous cars in the world.  Herbie the “love bug” from Herbie fully loaded is one of the most famous cars.  The adorable VW that charmed its way into our hearts in 1968.  The “Bat mobile” is probably one of the most famous cars out there today, it’s gone through some transformations throughout the years but everyone can still spot the bat mobile.  Next would be the Aston Martin “Bond mobile” from various James Bond movies, everyone has seen the movies about James Bond 007 and James Bond has definitely made this car just about as famous as he is.   Greased from Grease lightning is next on the list, this car was one of the first cars to become famous and everyone can still hear that song playing in their head.  Last but not least on my list is the DeLorean from “Back to the Future”: So most movie cars serve for racing, crime fighting, and getaways, but in “Back to the Future” they can actually travel through time in this vehicle, by far beating every other famous car out there!



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